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Exhibition by Therese McAllister and Sara Sue McNeill

The Purple Onion is proud to present an exhibition of new works by Sara Sue McNeill and Therese McAllister.
From Friday 30th of November to Friday 28th of December, show starts on Friday 30th with a wine reception from 7 to 9, hope to see as many as possible here.

New to the Purple Onion

Sometimes I think running gallery’s is the best job in the world. This week I was lucky enough to visit the studio of John Keating where I collected a few paintings for the gallery and as John placed the paintings on the easel we saw 'head hands and feet, in all there human expression....

I also visited Martina O Brien and picked up some of her unique visions of Sandymount and beyond, she explained her way of working particularly how she paints on aluminium her work is built up slowly and the paintings speak for themselves. Although her work is deeply personal it does have a universal quality which certainly appeals to me.

P.J. Lynch is no stranger to the Purple Onion, his illustrations are art, and I collected some fabulous pieces from P.J. including illustrations from 'the tin soldier', 'The children of Lir', and 'Tales of old Ireland'.


Thanks to everyone who visited our stand at the 'Irish Antiques and fine art fair' at the RDS a couple of weeks ago, it was lovely to see everyone and catch up with other gallery owners. We will probably do a couple of more fairs this year.

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